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November 26th, 2011 - Jay entered King of the Ring #4 at Albany Speedway (Albany, Western Australia) with the Pro Dirt Series in what would prove to be an eventful weekend. Jay started the first heat in the 6th position and advanced to a 3rd place finish. Cardy started the third heat in 3rd and initially finished 2nd but was penalized for passing on the infield. As a result, he was relegated to the b-main, which he won to earn the 7th starting position in the feature. Unfortunately in the first corner the outside pole car spun causing a pile up, where a fellow competitor ran into Cardy's left rear creating a flat tire. Rules prevented Cardy from chaning tires, which brought his night to an early end.
Cardy's bad luck would continue after the races as on the way home, just outside of Armadale, the team came across a Kangaroo, who was desperate to make it to the other side of the road. Unfortunately he failed to look both ways and did not see the big UD. Luckily he hit the side of the front of the truck and not the middle resulting in minimum damage. 

November 19th, 2011 - On Saturday night Jay raced at Kalgoorlie Speedway (Kalgoorlie, Western Australia). He started the first race in 6th and got up to 3rd before being involved in a crash, which put him to the rear of the pack. In the second heat race he started 3rd and ran 2nd. In the third heat race, Jay started 6th and was running 2nd before a broken caster rod in the right front suspension took him out of the race. 
The track for the feature became a narrow one lane track, that was really slick. Cardy started the feature in 8th, and after a few bad starts that were called back the race finally got away. He worked his way up to the 5th position, but as he tried to move past the car in the fourth position on the outside Jay lost some spots. It was disappointing as the car was set up great and was really fast, but he just got caught behind slower cars. He ultimately finished the feature 7th.
Two weeks ago (November 12th) the team competed at the Motorplex.  In the first heat Jay  started 8th and finished 2nd. In the first feature he started 4th and finished 5th, and in the second feature Cardy started 5th and got up to the 3rd position before he hit a rut and damaged the right-rear suspension resulting in a DNF.
It has been a tough two weeks but the team is sure that they can turn it around this week at Albany Speedway.