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June 16th, 2013 - We have had a huge off season. We have just ordered our new engine from David Draime in Ohio. This engine, just like all our previous Draime engines, will be a sweet bit of gear. 900+ Horsepower 750+ Torque. The motor will go in our new chassis that is being assembled and we should start the season off with the brand new car and motor.
Last years chassis is being stripped and rebuilt, the motor has been sent back to David Draime's for a refresh and for the first round of the season we should have a second car ready to go as a spare.
During the major races of the year, just after Christmas, we are hoping to get American World of Outlaw Dirt Late Model Star, Clint Smith to drive the spare car in all the meetings of the Wild West Tour. It should be a great opportunity for us and Clint if we can get it to happen.  I would not have been able to do all this without the support of all my sponsors and I thank you for that.